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You got here just in the nick of time! Here’s what up:

SOUTH AMERICA and CARNIVALE in RIO, aboard Zaandam. If it isn’t Peruvian cooking combined with Chinese cuisine (that’s right, baby... Chinese food on a fajita platter), it ain’t CHIFA ! I need more... more such as overnights in Buenos Aires and Rio!

BERMUDA (with 4 days and 3 nights docked  right downtown in Hamilton!) and my “Home Run”, from Boston or Montreal, to Bar Harbor, Halifax, Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec City.

My SIGNATURE cruise, VOYAGE OF THE VIKINGS... A 38-day masterpiece of a cruise, from Boston to Rotterdam and back, with stops all over Iceland, through the glaciers of Greenland, the fjords of Norway, and let us not forget the U.K and a variety of Canadian islands and provinces.

Following this, more of the “Home Run”, crusing from Boston or Montreal, but this time, aboard Rotterdam, and this time, during fall foliage season.

After that, Incan Explorations through the Panama Canal... this time, aboard MS Volendam...

And that’s just the cruises! Come back whenever you get the notion, to to see when I might be making a personal appearance, be it a club date, corporate or private function, or just plain having a vacation. Please click over to the TOUR SCHEDULE tab, to view my upcoming live shows, through January 2019. Thanks for visiting!