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Thank Goodness you’re here!  Here’s what’s up....

I’m back aboard Veendam (for my 7th extended engagements!, doing a variety of not-just-your-average Caribbean cruises from Fort Lauderdale November 13  - January 22, 2019. 7-day cruises start on 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11. Then we move to 10 and 11 day cruises beginning on 12/18 and 12/28. Finally, there are one-week cruise on 1/8 and 1/15.

From there, I’m overdue to spend some time playing high season on the beautiful island of Aruba. Find me at the luxe Holiday Inn Beach Resort on Palm Beach, in Aruba, throughout the month of February.

Visit whenever you get the notion,to see when I might be making a personal appearance, be it a club date, corporate or private function, or just plain having a vacation. Please click over to the TOUR SCHEDULE tab, to view my upcoming live shows. Thanks for saying hello!

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