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Hello. See that? These computers aren’t that hard, after all. You’ve made your way to! Here’s what’s on the horizon:

July 26 - August 13th, The Colonial Theatre Shakespeare enters its 25th Anniversary season, presenting 12th NIGHT, July 26 - August 13th. Please come enjoy an evening of Shakespeare under the stars in Westerly, RI’s 14-acre Wilcox Park, with a score by yours truly Barry Rocklin.

VOYAGE OF THE VIKINGS 2017 - Aboard Rotterdam, this 38-day epic journey begins and ends in Boston... but in the middle, Labrador, Newfoundland, Coastal New England, circumnavigation of Iceland, Norwegian Fjords, Rotterdam, and oh, so much more.

AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, TAHITI, HAWAII, and more, aboard Maasdam. Me kangaroo is done being tied down. I’m going cray-cray in the land of koalas and insanely good cooking shows.

SOUTH AMERICA and CARNIVALE in RIO, aboard Zaandam. If it isn’t Peruvian cooking combined with Chinese cuisine (that’s right, baby... Chinese food on a fajita platter), it ain’t Chifa! I need more.

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