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You got here just in the nick of time! Here’s what up:

CURRENTLY: October 2- January 18th, 2019:  Incan Explorations through the Panama Canal... this time, aboard MS Volendam...

Cruises from 14 to 17 days long depart either Fort Lauderdale or San Diego. Along the way, itineraries stop at places including Aruba, Key West, Cartagena, the Panama Canal, and Mexican ports on both sides. Come spend “Christmas in the Ithsmus” with me!

More details to follow... and that’s just the cruises! Come back whenever you get the notion, to to see when I might be making a personal appearance, be it a club date, corporate or private function, or just plain having a vacation. Please click over to the TOUR SCHEDULE tab, to view my upcoming live shows, through January 2019. Thanks for visiting!